What is Pilates?

The “Core”:

The Pilates Method focuses on strengthening the bodyʼs “core”- the muscles of the abdomen, back and hips- which in turn support the spine and stabilize the pelvis. Initiating movement from the core and expanding it outward to the limbs, Pilates becomes a whole-body workout in the safest and most effective way.

Strength and Flexibilty:

Pilates is a unique non-impact method of exercise that dramatically improves strength, flexibility and posture. The classical system was created to balance the bodyʼs musculature by incorporating exercises that equally strengthen and stretch the body.


Applying the six basic principles of the Pilates Method will yield optimal results. Control, centering, concentration, fluidity, precision, and breathing


-Increased Flexibility, Balance, and Agility
-Improved Stamina and Lung Capacity
-Expanded Range of Motion in All Joints
-Better Body Mechanics and Coordination
-Increased Concentration and a Stronger Mind/Body Connection
-Reduced Stress-Related Aches and Pains
-Increased Energy and Vitality
-A Higher Level of Performance in Other Physical Activities
-Noticeable Improvement in the Way the body Functions, Looks and Feels

Who Practices Pilates

Regardless of age, body type, physical condition, or athletic ability, you can practice Pilates and reap the benefits it offers. The practice can range from rehabilitative to vigorously challenging. At The Pilates Room, NYC, our clients have included those suffering from osteoporosis, people recovering from illness or surgery, pregnant women and women recovering from child birth, seasoned athletes, dancers and those who have never before undertaken a regular exercise regimen. All have found Pilates rewarding and beneficial.

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