“When I met Libby and Alison, I had life-compromising back pain. I was a dedicated runner who hadn't run in a year. I could barely stand up straight and pain woke me up several times a night. I had tried every therapy imaginable, but nothing worked. I was no longer living my life. I was living a life dictated by pain. After a few months of working with Alison and Libby, I was running again. Now I'm able to clock anywhere between 6 - 10 miles. My favorite vacations are spent hiking and climbing mountains. And as we continue to push my Pilates performance, I'm amazed at what my body can do. My favorite result: I no longer "feel" like I'm getting older.”

Michael Norton- Creative Director/Creative Consultant

“I’ve always tried classes, but after working with Alison and Libby one on one, I’ve seen better results. The personalized training is geared to what works for your body so the results are faster and better. Flexible schedules allow me to fit sessions into my busy schedule. Excellent pricing for a private training session!”

Jessica Goldberg- Co-founder Rebel Gail Communications Agency